We value academia in order to enrich our skills as dental professionals.  We list the awards which have been given to us on a professional level (not by attending short education courses) where our profession has acknowledged our contribution to Dentistry.  These awards have been given to us by Universities, International Dental Associations and generally people who know a lot about Dentistry and its advances.

We are proud to be a fully accredited dental practice in line with the NSQHS Standards.

A/Prof Max Guazzato

1983 Dental Technician Diploma

1989 Bachelor in Dental Surgery (First class honours)

2003 PhD in Dentistry (University of Sydney)

2006 Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons by examination (FRACDS)

2010 Doctor Clinical Dentistry (Prosthodontics) University of Sydney

2010 Member of the Royal Australian College of Dental Surgeons (Prosthodontics)

2012 Fellow of Pierre Fauchard Academy

1988-1989 Two-year undergraduate scholarship for merits

2000 IPRS (International Postgraduate Research Scholarship) and IPA (International Postgraduate Award) related to my PhD.

2001 Australian Dental Research Foundation M. Guazzato, MV Swain. Grant for the project “influence of surface treatment on the flexural strength of four all-ceramic materials used in fixed prosthodontics” 

2002 Joan Chong award for Dental Materials (awarded by the International Association Dental Research, ANZ division)

2002 Award for best poster presentation at the Bioceramics 15 International Congress (Sydney): “Microstructure of Alumina- and Alumina/Zirconia Glass-Infiltrated Dental Ceramics”

2009 Dentsply Award for the best DClinDent presentation at the “Research Day”, University of Sydney: “Influence of thickness and cooling rate on development of spontaneous cracks in porcelain/zirconia structures”

2011 I. Clarke, A. A. Aquilia, M Guazzato. Award for best research for 2011 at the “Research Day”, University of Sydney

2012 Australian Prosthodontic Society B. Chon, A. Thangavel, I. Klineberg, M. Guazzato Grant for the project “Wear of enamel opposing zirconia and lithium disilicate restorations” 

2013 EVE Ernst Vetter GmbH M. Guazzato Grant for the project “Influence of polishing on the low temperature degradation of zirconia”

2013 James Fairfax Postgraduate Award in Oral Rehabilitation has A. Thangavel, B. Chon, I. Klineberg, M. Guazzato.

 2013 The International College of Prosthodontics best poster presentation at the International Meeting in Turin  A. Thangavel, B. Chon, I. Klineberg, M. Guazzato. The effect of different surface finishing procedures of lithium disilicate (IPS e.max) on antagonist enamel wear: an in-vitro study

2013 Australian Dental Research Foundation S. Chunduru, M Guazzato, I Klineberg. Grant for the project “The effect of dental laboratory and chair-side polishing on the strength of zirconia after artificial aging: an in-vitro study”)